By Nick Romano
April 30, 2016 at 03:04 PM EDT
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Jessica Williams, senior correspondent of The Daily Show, joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show for the latest round of Friday Night Fights. But the two got into a heated discussion even before the weekly Twitter poll debate pitted the Morton Salt girl against Cap’n Crunch. 

Williams started a new podcast with her friend Phoebe Robinson called 2 Dope Queens, and Colbert took offense when she said he couldn’t be dubbed a “dope queen.” He said, “Now you’ve got my Irish up.”

The debate over which of the two product-branded characters would win in a match wasn’t any less subdued. Watch them square off below. 

Whether you side with Williams and Cap’n Crunch or Colbert and the Morton Salt girl, you can cast your vote in the Twitter poll below. 


According to Williams, Crunch has “a canon shooter on his boat. He can shoot Cap’n Crunch berries at her, cut up the inside of her mouth.” Colbert argued the Morton Salt girl knows kung fu because her motto, “When it rains it pours,” implies some zen training, while she can also control the weather since her logo sees it raining only on her.