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Welcome to Julie’s Diary! Every week during the season, Vampire Diaries showrunner Julie Plec will add an entry to her diary. From answering burning questions to giving behind-the-scenes stories and more, this is a place for fans to hear directly from Plec about the episode they just watched.

It’s Friday night! Thank you for watching “Kill Em All,” written by Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux and directed by Kellie Cyrus. We’re near the end of the season (we just delivered the season finale today!) and things are heating up. For a Lego live-tweet re-enactment, please follow @ChadFiveash and @JStoteraux.

As you read this, I will likely be sipping my first (second? third???) margarita on the beaches of San Jose Del Cabo. TV hiatus is a miraculous time for a showrunner. It’s a very narrow window (approximately two weeks) where you are allowed to completely fall off the grid without anyone being able to judge you for it. Technically, I don’t start my official hiatus until next Friday, so this is a quick primer-trip for the true vacation. But since my brain is already halfway into hiatus, you’re getting a reduced diary entry this week while I embark on my annual Cabo girls’ weekend with my friends Marguerite, Liz and Tasha. Cheers.

Tidbits from set:

  • Filmmaking Tip: Avoid setting scenes in tattoo parlors. Every tattoo on the walls, every tattoo on the actor playing the tattoo artist and the extras needs to be individually cleared by the legal department to make sure they’re not in violation of somebody’s copyright.
  • The look of fear on Zach’s [Roerig] face as he’s being shoved towards a spinning saw blade isn’t entirely acting. It’s a rubber blade, but it’s spinning fast enough to hurt. And as for the blood gag hitting the window, we had to do it four times to get it to hit the window. Turns out stage blood doesn’t take direction that well. But we got it, and it was worth waiting for.
  • Writer/Producer Tip: James found himself on a two-hour location scout to find a crossroads location, all because he wrote the line in the script from Damon, “We are literally at a crossroads here.” But after two hours in freezing cold weather, he was more than willing to lose the line.

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