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Castle | Monday, 10-11 p.m., ABC The ''I love you'' uttered by Castle (Nathan Fillion) to Beckett (Stana Katic) ?as she lay injured from a gunshot in…
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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

When will you be releasing the interview you did with Ellen Pompeo on the Grey’s Anatomy set? — QueeenEllen

Soon-ish. How about a sneak peek? Though Meredith is pushing Amelia toward Owen now, there will soon be tension between the sisters. “Meredith is a little bit… not so much jealous, as she is defensive for Derek,” Ellen Pompeo tells me. “She feels like Amelia is living Derek’s life. It’s feeling bad that Derek is not there to be able to do these things and she is. It’s more in defense of him that Amelia stepped into his life.”

Please spill what you can on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You were just there. Need Fallen Agent spoilers. Please. Please. Please? Thanks! — Trapper

Oh man, how I’d love to tell you who the Fallen Agent is. I will tell you that said person asked me how I was doing while on set and I replied, “Just surviving finale season.” Fortunately, said person was in great spirits and laughed off my poor choice of words. Does that help? No? Maybe this will: Coulson’s Captain America-like shield aside, we’ll see more tech from his bionic arm before season’s end. “It’s very high tech,” Clark Gregg teases. “He and Fitz seemed to have done some late-night workshopping in terms of every conceivable worst-case scenario and added whatever tech that could get them out of that.”

Anything on Jane from Blindspot?!?!?! I’m so curious about the end of the season!! — N

Did you pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly? There’s some finale scoop in there! Here’s a tease: “There is a reveal in these last couple of episodes that turns the show completely upside down,” EP Martin Gero says. “[The finale] is the first episode where there’s not a single shot fired. That’s how much is going on emotionally.”

Now that the Machine is down on Person of Interest, how much danger is Team Machine in heading into season 5? — Rachael

You’ll have to watch the premiere to find out whether the Machine lives and whether Finch, Reese, and Root can evade Samaritan’s control, but at least they know they’re being targeted. Detective Fusco, on the other hand, will be going into this final season unknowingly getting himself involved in a life-threatening situation. After his run-in with a Samaritan-activated sniper in the explosive season 4 finale, he’ll be even more curious about what’s really happening with Reese. “It becomes difficult for a homicide detective to do his job when he doesn’t know what the hell is going on,” EP Greg Plageman says. “As Fusco continues to press, Reese and our gang tries to hold him at bay, but they can’t hold him anymore. Fusco’s going to investigate on his own. When he realizes what he’s up against, that’s when his life [is] in danger.” After all, Samaritan’s watching for any potential enemies.

Any scoop on Black Siren’s appearance on The Flash? — The Flash Podcast

It’ll be tough for everyone on Team Flash, though we should all remember that Cisco had a crush on Black Canary once upon a time. “Cisco reacts in a pretty unexpected way,” Carlos Valdes tells me. “There’s a little bit of a morbid shock, because the characters have an awareness to the fact that Laurel Lance is dead. That death had some effect on these characters in this world. So to see Black Siren, more than anything, is a shock to the senses. To know that someone relatively close to you is dead and to see a version of them still alive would be harrowing and jarring for anyone. There’s a bit of a disturbance there in terms of seeing her like that again.”

Anything on the Castle finale? — Snower

Not only will the season-long mystery of LokSat be wrapped up, but so will the series-long mysteries, enabling the producers to kick off a potential ninth season with a clean slate. As for the finale, “It’s an incredibly dynamic, big, large episode where Castle and Beckett are really tested,” EP Terence Paul Winter says. “They have to call on all their friends — be it Espo, Ryan and Hayley — to help them take down the mysterious LokSat.”

Does Red have a connection to Famke Janssen’s new character on The Blacklist? — Fatima

Other than believing her to be potentially responsible for Liz’s apparent death? Actually, yes. “There’s a history there with she and her husband,” James Spader tells me. Make of that what you will.

How will Ruzek feel about Burgess and Roman on Chicago P.D.? — Sandra

Not pleased. While Ruzek wants to support Burgess when she ends up on trial in the upcoming Chicago Justice backdoor pilot (more scoop here), it won’t be easy. “That hits him pretty hard, finding out not through her that there was a thing between her and Roman,” EP Matt Olmstead says. “That definitely affects Ruzek’s relationship with Roman going forward. Certainly, as a fellow cop, he wants him to pull through, but there’s not going to be anything from Ruzek to Roman in terms of brotherly love.”

Bones please! — Patrick

Will this suffice? “We have an episode coming up which is sort of our take on the Donner party, so a little bit of history and cannibalism mixed in,” teases EP Michael Peterson. Fair warning: That’s episode 20, so maybe don’t eat while watching.

Is there any chance we’ll ever actually see Clark Kent or Superman on Supergirl? — Mahendra

First, the show needs to get renewed for a second season. Then… maybe someday. “It will always be a dream of ours to be able to have Clark or Superman on the show,” EP Andrew Kreisberg tells me. “Hopefully with continued success, that opportunity will one day present itself.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: FitzSimmons!

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Kelly Connolly and Shirley Li.

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