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Puerto Ricans in Paris

“Have you ever been with a Puerto Rican?”

That’s a question posed by Luis Guzmán in a brand-new trailer for upcoming comedy Puerto Ricans in Paris, which sees the Boogie Nights actor in the part of a smart-talking, street-savvy New York cop who heads overseas to the City of Lights on an unlikely investigation to track down a stolen, high-priced handbag.

Featuring Guzman as Luis Lopez alongside his police partner (Eddie Garcia), Puerto Ricans in Paris tracks the duo as they’re enlisted by a Louis Vuitton-like luxury handbag maker to draw on their experience in the Luxury Goods Recovery Unit in tracking down an accessory before it’s replicated on the black market.

Slick with a chase scene, a dark-lit club sequence, and plenty of footage featuring the French city’s charming cobblestone streets, the trailer for Puerto Ricans in Paris could easily dub in for a high-stakes action flick or bro-friendly buddy comedy. But as seen in the trailer below, the snappy dialogue makes all the difference as Guzmán and Garcia trade laugh-out-loud quips rife with observations about race, class and romance.

Executive produced by Cuban-American rapper Pitbull and directed by Ian Edelman (a writer on the HBO’s How to Make it in America), the fashionable whodunit features co-stars Rosie Perez, Rosario Dawson, Aice Taglioni and Miriam Shrr.

Puerto Ricans in Paris opens in theaters theaters June 10.

Puerto Ricans in Paris
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