'This is how you make a bazooka'

By Clark Collis
April 29, 2016 at 06:58 PM EDT
Matthias Clamer/AMC

Fans of writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon’s fabulously insane late ’90s comic Preacher have waited a long time for the pair’s tale of a superpowered man of God, his gun-toting ex-girlfriend, and an alcoholic Irish vampire to hit the screen. That wait finally ends on May 22, when AMC premieres its adaptation of the award-winning comic, starring Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joe Gilgun. As for the behind-the-scenes team, This Is the End filmmakers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and Breaking Bad writer-producer Sam Catlin are all on board.

Below, you can see a brace of new stills from Preacher — featuring the characters Jesse Custer (Cooper), Sheriff Root (W. Earl Brown), DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef), and Fiore (Derek Wilson).

Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Lewis Jacobs/AMC