By Christian Holub
Updated April 29, 2016 at 01:20 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

Take Your Kid to Work Day is an opportunity for parents to connect with their children. However, any time you have a bunch of children in one place, things easily can get out of hand. James Corden found this out the hard way on Thursday’s episode of The Late Late Show.

Things started off smoothly enough. As Corden began his monologue, the camera started to tilt downward… because the camera operator had given control to his son. Corden finally got the cameraman to regain order, only to have another kid pop up behind him. The boy introduced himself as “Darren,” the son of a crew member on The Price Is Right. Naturally, Corden wanted to know how Darren ended up in his studio.

“It looks like The Price Is Right,” Darren declared.

“It doesn’t, and your tone is a bit aggressive, Darren,” Corden said. “The Price Is Right is like nine studios away. What are you doing here?”

“We’re just playing,” Darren said.

Then came the stampede. Suddenly there were kids rushing in all sides, taking Corden’s cue cards, jumping on his couch, and generally overwhelming the host. After clearing those kids out, Corden found a similar situation backstage, where the audio controls were overrun with balls and inflatable animals and, of course, rambunctious kids. Watch the clip below.

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