Credit: NBC

This segment was lit.

On Thursday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, host Seth Meyers had guest Iggy Azalea explain teen slang to the adults in his audience.

Using some made up phrases like bowladex (“the list of people you call for weed”), Brooch-ella (“a concert attended by mostly middle-aged ladies”), and Wilson (which has two definitions: “a coworker whose face you’ve only ever seen from the nose up over the cubicle wall” and also “someone whose head resembles the volleyball from Cast Away“), Azalea provided some examples of how the terms could be used in every day conversation.

“Round-head Todd asked me to prom last night, and I straight up spiked that bitch #wilson,” Azalea said.

Watch the rapper explain the terms below.

Azalea was also a musical guest on Late Night, and performed her new single “Team.”