The heartbreak tune doubles as an ode to to the Chief's favorite vinyls

Eric Church released one of the best country records of 2015 last November, by surprise. A highlight of the sepia-toned set is “Record Year,” a simple tune about healing heartache with a “three-foot stack of vinyl.” Today, Church shares the track’s understated music video.

The 38-year-old picked up an ACM Award earlier this month for Video of the Year for the album’s titular track “Mr. Misunderstood” and his last follows in a similar vein — and even appears to have been shot in the same room. (As they say in the business, “If it ain’t broke…”)

Church can next be found on the main stage at Stagecoach, California’s country festival. After, he’ll hit a number of other big summer fests like CMA Fest, Country Thunder, and Watershed.