It might not be the scriptedreunion everyone had hoped for, but it looks just as sweet as having another season of Saved by the Bell would feel.

Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, who played A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano on the NBC teen comedy from 1989 to 1993, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a game of Pie Face!, a recurring segment in which celebrity contestants must answer a series of trivia questions correctly, or else risk having a pie lobbed at their face.

After DeGeneres gave Lopez and Berkley a set of matching hoodies to protect their clothing, she asked Lopez the first question: “Finding Dory opens in theaters June 17. What show was created by Roseanne?” which he answers correctly: Roseanne.

Berkley, however, wasn’t as lucky with her question: “In one of your most famous episodes of Saved by the Bell you were addicted to caffeine pills. How much caffeine is in a cup of black coffee?” Berkley admited she didn’t know (“I’m a green tea drinker”), but is ultimately spared from the wrath of the pie despite pressing the button four times.

Lopez went next: “Dawson had his own creek; name the five Great Lakes,” DeGeneres asked Lopez. “We have ourselves Lake Michigan, we have Lake Huron, we have Lake Erie,” he responded, trailing off as he tried to recall another. “We have Lake Ariel, that’s where Ariel swims.” The audience laughs, a buzzer sounds, and pie-based hilarity ensues.

Watch Lopez take a whipped cream pie to the kisser in the video below.

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