Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage

Jacob Tremblay has had quite the year. He’s starred in an Oscar-nominated film, became best friends with Johnny Depp, had a lightsaber fight with Oscar Isaac, and most importantly got a new puppy.

Life got even better for the 9-year old on Thursday as he decided to flip the script on Take Your Kid to Work Day by bringing his (and the internet’s favorite) dad, Jason, to work with him at every kid’s dream: Hershey’s Chocolate World in Times Square.

At the event EW caught up with Tremblay for a live Facebook Q&A where he channeled another chocolate-centric movie and came up with his own spin on it, what project he’d like to do with his dog, revealed his thoughts on the hot button issue of whether he’s Team Iron Man or Team Cap, and much more.

Team Iron Man is the place to be

When asked whose side he was taking in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War it took him no time to pledge his allegiance. “Team Iron Man because he has War Machine, he has Spiderman, which he’s awesome in it,” he said. “And the Black Panther is like so good.”

He’s doing his best to get into Star Wars

Tremblay recently starred in The Book of Henry, which happened to be directed by Star Wars: Episode IX helmer Colin Trevorrow. The diehard Star Wars fan, who even named his dog Rey after Daisy Ridley’s character, said he definitely talked to the director about taking a journey to a galaxy far, far away. “I asked if I could be a Baby Ewok, Baby Chewbacca, [or] a flashback of someone,” he tells PEOPLE. “He said that he’ll try to get me a part.”

Jacob and the Hershey’s Factory could be coming soon to a theater near you

Tremblay has stated that he hopes to be a director when he grows up and he’s already pitching movie ideas. The thought of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake doesn’t appeal to him, but he did begin laying the ground work for Jacob and the Hershey’s Factory. Before Dad rightfully stopped him from giving the whole plot away, he did tease that it would focus on a “big Hershey’s monster.”

He would like to time travel so he can help Steven Spielberg

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in history? Tremblay eagerly boasted that he would go to prehistoric times to see dinosaurs, but also so he could do a favor for a legendary director. “I get to see what color the dinosaurs are,” he says, “and I can tell Steven Spielberg so in Jurassic World they know which color to make the dinosaurs.”

Watch EW’s full interview with Tremblay above.