Welcome to the gun show
Credit: Comedy Central

Never one to shy away from controversial topics, Amy Schumer found her latest fodder for Inside Amy Schumer in gun laws. The Emmy winner and former Entertainment Weekly cover star spoofs loopholes in gun laws in the episode airing Thursday — a subject that is close to Schumer’s heart after the 2015 shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana at a screening of her hit movie Trainwreck.

“This was a sketch that Amy personally felt really strongly about,” Dan Powell, executive producer for Inside Amy Schumer tells EW. “The whole writers room piped in with jokes and ideas and things like that but ultimately, this was Amy’s baby.”

EW has an exclusive preview of the sketch, which finds Schumer starring as host on a home shopping network. She and her co-host sell guns as their latest hot product, hocking the weapons to some questionable callers thanks to laws that allow special privileges for gun shows. Schumer, who previously teamed up with her cousin Chuck Schumer to address the issue of gun violence, worked with Everytown for Gun Safety on the episode, the largest group working to fight gun violence in the U.S.

“She really stood up and became a leader in the gun violence prevention space,” Brina Milikowsky, chief strategy officer for Everytown, tells EW of Schumer. “This is a really important fight to improve public safety and help save lives in America. We do need to use every tool that’s at our disposal. The ability to use comedy to reach new audiences is incredibly powerful.” Milikowsky is featured in the episode as well, as Schumer turns the tables and sits down to interview her about issues of gun violence.

Check out the “Gun Show” sketch below, and call the number in the clip (888-885-4011) to learn more about getting involved.

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