Between Us tracks a couple (Ben Feldman, Olivia Thirlby) exploring the state of their relationship and next steps — and writer-director Rafael Palacio Illingworth’s low-concept project has its stars believing it will challenge viewers.

“At times, it gets dark and super pessimistic, in a way,” Feldman, best known for his work on Mad Men, told EW at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. “It’s uncomfortable. It’s going to be uncomfortable for couples, which I guess a terrible thing to say about your own movie. Something about that, I think, really drew me to the story.”

Thirbly didn’t agree with Feldman’s “uncomfortable” claims, but noted a separate difficult aspect of the movie for some viewers.

“I talked to other people who have seen the film, and who really loved it,” she said, “but also felt like they were seeing too closely into someone’s life, feeling like they were almost voyeuristic.”

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For Analeigh Tipton, the movie’s unease spawned from her character. “This is really different for me. In regards to the character, I think what was really appealing was it was something I had never done before,” she said. “She’s the type of girl that makes me super uncomfortable.”

“I hope that they see a different range, but I just hope that they enjoy the movie,” she laughed.

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