First it was Snakes on a Plane, now it’s an iPhone with a vengeance; Samuel L. Jackson still can’t escape the wrath of inhuman killers in his movies, as is evident in a new trailer for the tech thriller Cell.

The new film, based on a 2006 novel by Stephen King, revolves around a nefarious signal that takes hold of every working cell phone around the world, transforming users into zombie-like creatures hellbent on destruction. John Cusack stars as a man attempting to reunite with his young son throughout the ordeal, while Jackson plays a survivor who aides Cusack’s character on his quest.

The trailer features a number of tense moments, including an airplane that spirals out of control as it crashes into a terminal full of people, a horde of bloodthirsty “cell phone zombies” chasing the actors through the woods, and a crazed woman in what appears to be a wig (and pearls) swinging a baseball bat at Cusack from across an empty bar.

Cell is directed by Paranormal Activity 2‘s Tod Williams. King wrote the screenplay for the film with Adam Alleca, who previously wrote the 2009 remake of Wes Craven’s 1972 horror classic, The Last House on the Left.

Jackson will reportedly work with King yet again on the upcoming thriller Revival, playing the part of a preacher who uses electricity to communicate with paranormal entites after his wife and child die in an accident.

Watch the Cell trailer, otherwise known as the best excuse for finally putting down your phone, in the video above. The film hits Ultra VOD on June 10 ahead of a July 8 theatrical release.