The key is Chelsea Peretti
Credit: NBC

Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele have enjoyed an illustrious comedy career together, from their self-titled Comedy Central show, Key & Peele, to their upcoming kitten-gangster movie, Keanu. The only problem is, they’ve worked together so much that some people have trouble telling them apart. Key and Peele decided to fix this during their Monday appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers and explain, once and for all, the differences between them.

It did not start well. The two kept mixing up who was supposed to read which cue card, eventually eschewing that method for visual learning. They had a producer put the title “Key & Peele” on the bottom of the screen. Only problem: they were sitting in the wrong order. The two comedians switched seats, only for the producer to then switch the names too.

“No one on earth says Peele & Key!” Key shouted.

“My mom does,” Peele said.

Next, Key and Peele tried sharing easy-to-remember facts about themselves. Peele has hair, for instance. Key’s had sex, but that doesn’t exactly distinguish them.

Speaking of which, though, the real key to the puzzle is Peele’s lady, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti. Or so it seemed.

“I am married to actress Chelsea Peretti,” Peele said.

“And I am no married to actress Chelsea Peretti,” Key said. “We’re just dating.”

Before Peele could leap across the seat and attack his partner, Meyers ended the segment: “One of them is Key, one of them is Peele, thank you guys for coming!”

Watch the clip below.

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