Apparently, Drake doesn’t have as amazing a view as his new album cover may lead fans to believe. Drake tweeted the cover art for his upcoming album, Views From the 6, on Sunday night, featuring the Toronto-born rapper sitting atop the city’s 550-meter-high CN Tower.

Fans began to speculate whether Drake had actually mounted the skyscraper, or if the cover was the product of some photo editing handiwork. The CN Tower management put the rumors to bed, tweeting “Proud Torontonian @Drake at the top of CN Tower with the help of some photoshop magic! #photshopped #notreallythere.”

The fiction in the image doesn’t stop with Drake sitting on the ledge of the building. Someone did a little math and, apparently, the cover’s proportions are all wrong. If the image were real, Drake would be nearly 12 feet tall… sitting down!

Views From the 6 is due out this Friday, and features two already released tracks: “Pop Style” and “One Dance.” Also on Friday, tickets will go on sale for Drake’s recently announced summer tour with Future.