Ahead of its fast-approaching May 27 release, X-Men: Apocalypse debuted its final trailer on Monday. Like previous trailers, this one played up the threat of Oscar Isaac’s eponymous villain, but now added much more Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and a surprise cameo at the end. Shortly after the trailer release, cast members Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, Lucas Till, Lana Condor, and Olivia Munn jumped on the movie’s official Twitter account (even while sitting in hair and makeup) to answer fan questions. They didn’t have much to say about Wolverine’s role, but did provide information about on-set antics and similarities with their characters.

On how Wolverine matches up against Psylocke…

Wolverine’s adamantium claws may be recognizable even from a one-second shot at the end of a trailer, but as Munn points out, telekinesis is hard to beat.

On getting your own sword closet…

There are many perks to playing Psylocke.

On the baldness of James McAvoy…

Per Sophie Turner, it’s more Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson than Vin Diesel. Which is about the highest compliment you could give anyone, regardless of context.

On the movie’s ending…

Lucas Till got the Q&A’s main plot-related question, and dodged it with panache.

On favorite X-Men…

That’s not the only question Till manuevered with aplomb. Asked about his favorite X-Man, the Havok actor played to his surroundings.

On whether it’s lit…

It is! Even if that doesn’t have anything to do with Havok’s newly expanded role in the X-Men franchise.

On who’s funnier…

It’s a close race.

On why you shouldn’t anger Storm…

First of all, why would you tell anyone to stop being funny? Second of all, why would you do that to Storm of all people? She has her own hashtag, for God’s sake.

On whether Alexandra Shipp will marry me…

It’s looking good, folks.

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