Given Rutger Hauer’s longstanding penchant for appearing in science fiction projects with a high body count, it seems strange that the Blade Runner actor has never played a role in the Alien franchise. That error on the part of the cosmos has now been rectified in the form of Alien: Out of the Shadows, a new Hauer-starring audio adventure which Audible is releasing tomorrow in honor of “Alien Day.” April 26 (4/26) has been chosen as the appropriate to pay tribute to the franchise because LV-426 is the name of the moon where the crew of the Nostromo discover the Xenomorph eggs in Ridley Scott’s original Alien.

Alien: Out of the Shadows is set between the events of Scott’s Alien and those of James Cameron’s sequel, Aliens. The tale concerns a group of miners on another godforsaken hunk of space rock — LV-178 — a nest of alien monsters, and a certain salvage ship survivor. In addition to Hauer, this new adventure features the voice talents of Matthew Lewis (the Harry Potter franchise) and Corey Johnson (The Bourne Ultimatum), Kathryn Drysdale, and Laurel Lefkow.

You can exclusively hear a clip from Alien: Out of the Shadows, below.