Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images

After more than three decades of dishing out relationship and medical advice to people seeking help, Dr. Drew Pinsky announced that his syndicated radio show Loveline will be coming to an end this week. The show’s final episode will air this Thursday, April 28, and Pinsky will welcome back former co-host Adam Corolla, who headlined Loveline alongside Pinsky during the height of its popularity between 1995 and 2005.

Pinsky joined Loveline in 1984 to lead the show’s medical segment, “Ask a Surgeon,” but his celebrity quickly evolved and he soon became one of the show’s regular hosts, a position he has held up to the present day. As a host, Pinsky answers listeners as they call in seeking advice on topics such as relationships, drug addiction, and sexuality.

Pinsky made the announcement that Loveline is ending on a fellow KROQ show last Thursday, saying that he is leaving to focus on his family as well as other projects. But he did add a glimmer of hope for Loveline fans, saying that he’s open to coming back to the show at another time.

“And by the way, Loveline may come back in other forms,” Pinsky said. “I’m not closing the door to the possibility that we’d ever do Loveline again.”

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