How Big How Blue How Beautiful

Visual albums are definitely having a moment. A couple days after the world enjoyed a pitcher of Lemonade, Florence + the Machine released the final installment of their short film The Odyssey, which is made up of music videos from the band’s most recent release How Big How Blue How Beautiful.

The Odyssey, which can be seen in its nearly hour-long entirety on the band’s website, stars frontwoman Florence Welch energetically dancing through various setting and situations. Welch has been releasing these videos for months now, each described as a chapter in the overall story of The Odyssey. On Monday, Welch released the film’s ninth and final chapter, concluding the project.

“This is the finale of a very personal project that came from a conversation me and [director] Vince [Haycock] had in Chateu Marmont about a year and a half ago while I was writing How Big How Blue How Beautiful,” Welch said in a tweet. “I was talking to him about the record and the car crash of a relationship break up I was going through. The highs and the lows of love and performance, how out of control I felt, the purgatory of heartbreak, and how I was trying to change and trying to be free. And we decided we would re-tell the story in full. We would re-claim this experience, re-imagine it and in some way perhaps I would come to understand it, to exorcise it. And so the big blue odyssey began…”

See The Odyssey in full over at the band’s website.

How Big How Blue How Beautiful

2015 album by Florence + The Machine

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