Every star has her secrets, and Amy Schumer is digging up some hilarious dirt on her future costar and real-life Hollywood friend Jennifer Lawrence in a hilarious new video.

Schumer recently sat down with Vanity Fair to revisit quotes from a prior interview with the Hunger Games star, which includes assertions on the actress’ most annoying habits and how the pair began work on their upcoming comedy.

Responding to Lawrence’s quote that it’s “never not cool to just be the nice girl,” however, Schumer jokingly calls out her Hollywood pal for putting on a front. “That’s really sweet, but Jen is the meanest person I know, so that doesn’t really apply,” she says, going on to explain that the pair, who wrote a screenplay together, often took jabs at each other in the process of developing their respective characters. “Jen has sent me so many hurtful texts that make me laugh. We write each other into the script… I’ll write character descriptions of each other, so I’ll be like, ‘This troll from Kentucky…” she says, noting Lawrence’s Louisville roots.

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When Lawrence prompts the interviewer to ask Schumer if she’s ever seen someone use a bidet, the comedienne quickly pauses the clip to answer. “Yes, I have. Do you want to know who it was? One Miss Jen Lawrence. That girl, she sees a bidet, she’s going to piss in it,” Schumer says in the video.

Watch Schumer analyze Lawrence quotes for accuracy and dish on their mutual love for red wine in the video below. Inside Amy Schumer, which returned last week for a fourth season, airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.