'We Were the Weirdos' is now available on Spotify
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Matt and Kim treated fans to something new during their Sunday Coachella performance by surprise-releasing a new four-song EP from the stage.

We Were the Weirdos is available on Spotify now and will be on other streaming services on Monday. Vocalist-keyboardist Matt Johnson and drummer Kim Schifino recorded the songs between the first and second weekends of Coachella and announced the EP by debuting “Please No More” during their set. “These songs will be as brand-new to us as they are to the word,” Johnson tells EW.

The band decided to record new material after a recent run of European shows that left the band energized followed a three-month break this past winter. It was the most time off the band had taken since forming in 2004. “It was like a new inspiration, getting a vibe we hadn’t gotten in a long time,’” Johnson says of the shows. “We thought, ‘Hey, we should run with this and try to make some songs with it.’ You can set aside time to record when it’s convenient, or you can just do it when it’s happening.”

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Speaking to EW a few days before the EP’s release, Johnson was feeling the time crunch. “I got up 7:30 this morning to work on stuff, and while most of the world does that, for a musician, that’s just not rock o’clock,” he laughs. “But there’s something that comes out of just not overthinking things, not polishing up all the rough edges and not having all the time in the world. It can actually being very beneficial.”

Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Lars Stalfors, who worked on the band’s 2015 album, New Glow, the new EP marks the band’s return to the FADER Label as well as the first Matt and Kim release to feature guitar. Johnson he was initially nervous about switching up the band’s sound.

“We sometimes put these restraints on us for no apparent reason until you realize there are no rules,” he says. “You get a different perspective on songwriting. I came from playing guitar in punk bands, that was my introduction to music. There’s something thematically about these songs that feels like going back, even back to an earlier Matt and Kim or where we came from.” Fittingly, the EP cover features one of Johnson’s high school yearbook photos.


Listen to We Were the Weirdos here and below, and catch the band on the road opening for Ellie Goulding this summer.

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