Actor Robert Kazinsky, a self-proclaimed Warcraft fan who plays the orc Orgrim Doomhammer in the movie adaptation, shared a behind-the-scenes video of the fantasy epic with his fans.

Director Duncan Jones brought to life a staple from the RPG game, The Lion’s Pride Inn. “I think everybody’s who’s ever played this game has come here,” said Kazinsky, who rectalled spending days at the location as a character in the game world. “There are so many little Easter eggs lying around,” he continued, “like at the entry there is a wanted sign for Kobolds, and that’s one of the first quests you ever do in this game.”

Watch the video, which also includes footage of Dominic Cooper, Travis Fimmel, and Preacher star Ruth Negga.

Twitch hosted a panel with Jones and Kazinsky that was streamed online from the Pax East 2016 convention in Boston. “As a player, I went to these places in the world, and had a familiarity,” the actor said. “It’s great that [Jones] cares as much as I do.”

While the film flaunts heavy special effects, Kazinsky praised the fight choreography and the practical sets that balance the CGI. “We wanted to make these recognizable places, like the Lion’s Pride, where you could be home,” Jones said.

Warcraft brings to life the fantastical world from the game in a story about two warriors at the center of a war between orcs and mankind. The film is set to bow on June 10.

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