By Nick Romano
August 01, 2017 at 10:25 AM EDT

Following SNL‘s epic 40th anniversary special of 2015, the cast, crew, and celebrity guests celebrated at an afterparty at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Prince shredded on a guitar in an impromptu performance that Jimmy Fallon geeked out over on The Tonight Show. Now fans can see the moment in rare footage that has hit the Web. 

Former SNL cast member Tim Kazurinsky was in attendance and posted video to YouTube after Prince passed away earlier this week. According to the caption, Prince was coaxed on stage by Jimmy Fallon and joined by Martin Short, Maya Rudolph, Emma Stone, Jim Carrey, Bill Murray, and more. 

Watch the performance in its entirety in the video above. 

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According to Fallon’s Tonight Show segment, the comedian said into the mic, “Prince, if you’re here, I dare you to come up on stage.” He added, “I was singing back-up with Chris Rock, and I just gotta say — and I’m still on that high — it was one of the best nights of my whole entire life.”

SNL recently announced a musical tribute to Prince in the form of a clip show to air this weekend featuring his various performances on the late-night sketch comedy. 

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