'Veep' star dishes on her state dinner encounter with the real Veep

By Nick Romano
April 23, 2016 at 03:35 PM EDT
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

It was the meeting of the Veeps at last month’s White House state dinner where Julia Louis-Dreyfus sat next to Vice President Joe Biden. The actress dished on the encounter to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, saying, “He likes to talk a lot.” 

While she called him “one of the most wonderful men” she ever met, Dreyfus was a “good audience member” to his stories. “Of course, you can’t say to the Vice President, ‘Excuse me, Mr. Vice President, I think I’m gonna go mingle.'” Watch her explain the encounter in the video above. 

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Dreyfus also revealed that she met Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who is another big fan of HBO’s Veep, which has its season 5 premiere Sunday night. “She told me that she and Justice Scalia, who was of course alive at the time, they would get together every week and talk about the Veep episode from the night before,” Dreyfus said. “I was so psyched about that. It was strange, but I loved it.” 

With encounters such as these, the actress explained how the real-world Republicans and Democrats always think Veep is spoofing members of the opposing party. “The key is that they’re political animals,” she said. “And I play a character who will pretty much say anything to stay alive politically. So we just refer to ‘the other party.'” 

Veep was recently given the go-ahead for a sixth season, so here’s hoping for more strange real-world encounters for Dreyfus.