By Nick Romano
April 23, 2016 at 05:53 PM EDT
The Graham Norton Show

Who said being Prince Charming was easy? Richard Madden joined his Cinderella costar Lily James on The Graham Norton Show and revealed it wasn’t all fun and games where his jockstrap was concerned. 

“I feel just so dirty even saying this story,” Madden laughed with the host, before describing a fitting with the costume department. “Once, and I was standing with [director] Kenneth Branagh, and here’s Sandy Powell, Oscar-winning costume designer, trying on these things,” he said. “And everyone’s looking at you to see what they can and can’t see under the light.”

One such jockstrap, which Madden calls “a corset for men,” was so tight that it made him tear up. Fortunately, that one didn’t get used. Listen to the full story in the video above.