By Natalie Abrams
April 22, 2016 at 02:20 PM EDT

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Any scoop on the upcoming season of Game of Thrones? — Taylor

I’ve seen the premiere, but I will be fed to direwolves if I reveal anything about that opening hour. All I will tell you is that, as someone who has never read the books before, there was at least one surprising twist that had my jaw agape for a solid minute. Make of that what you will.

I need some clues, hints, etc. about how Tony will leave NCIS. Pretty please! — Marla

What you really want to know is whether they’re going to kill Tony off. “In the world of NCIS, nothing is absurd,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says. “I think the fact that Michael [Weatherly] is in the finale tells whether he takes a bullet in it or not. But we are not afraid of doing the unexpected and some of that certainly comes into play in this episode. I think it’s fair to say people should watch!”

Anything on the Legends of Tomorrow finale? — Erin

As previously promised, the Vandal Savage storyline will be resolved by season’s end. “It’s probably unsurprising to hear that they will have to go to the ends of time itself to take down Vandal Savage,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “It’s been a year-long journey for the audience and for the team. We’ve posited him as the worst big bad that any of these shows have come up with. It’s going to take all of them and maybe a sacrifice here or there to be able to stop him.”

What does it mean that Jones and Railly killed off half the Messengers on 12 Monkeys? — Bailee

While they were able to somewhat thwart the Blue Man Group (they will always be blue to me!), we’ll discover that even the few who time traveled are enough to put everyone in danger. “We’ll reveal in episode 2 at least one of the time periods the Messengers have gone to,” EP Terry Matalas teases. “Cole will make that discovery in the present day. We’ll know how effective they are by episode 3 in their missions, but they are smart enough to have redundancy, so just because they’ve taken out half of them, doesn’t mean we’re off the hook.”

Sofia is alive?! How will Mayfair handle that on Blindspot? — Toby

Yeah, Sofia is definitely alive, and the fact that she made Mayfair believe she was dead for years is a devastating blow to the NYO chief. “It’s awful,” Marianne Jean-Baptiste tells me. “It’s betrayal on a level that is so, so, so deep. Mayfair agreeing to go out for a date with this [other] woman is almost on the back of that; it’s almost a rebound thing, like [she’s] telling herself, ‘I can do this. I deserve to be happy and I deserve to have somebody who is good to me.'” Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like happiness is in the cards.

Does this mean that Rick Cosnett is returning to Quantico?? — Noel

Yes, Rick Cosnett will be back in the season finale, but whether that’s via flashback or as a zombie (What? You never know!) remains to be seen. But I can also reveal that he’s not the only familiar face returning in the season ender!

Barry’s lost his speed! How’s he supposed to fight Zoom now? — Tamara

Now that Barry is without powers, I pondered whether other speedsters may be involved in the hopeful takedown of Zoom in the finale, but Teddy Sears is staying relatively mum. “The final showdown is mano-a-mano, Barry vs. Hunter,” the actor tells me. “Because we haven’t shot it yet, I don’t even have a picture, but what’s on the page, it proves to be epic in the truest sense of the word. It should be very fun and very satisfying for the viewers.”

Will Bradley Cooper appear in the Limitless finale? — Jane

No, but Morra will suffer some consequences for basically creating a monster in Sands. “Morra recognizes that and it shakes him,” EP Craig Sweeny says. “All the suspicions that have been brewing within the FBI boil over and he’s called to account.” Unfortunately, as we saw in the penultimate episode, Morra skipped town before the FBI could arrest him, though this is only the beginning of his downfall. “He has to withdraw from the race and go into hiding. He’s definitely a changed man by the end of the finale.”

What can you tease from your Grey’s Anatomy set visit?? — Heather

I’m sworn to secrecy on the season finale, but here’s what I can tease about upcoming episodes: The lines between Stephanie’s personal and professional life become blurred when Kyle returns to the hospital, causing her to question their new romance.

Anything you can tease about UnREAL? — Hailee

Rachel and Quinn may be thick as thieves, but their relationship will be put to the test in season 2. “It’s very much a mother-daughter relationship where sometimes you love your mom and can’t imagine life without her, and sometimes you hate her and you just wish she’d go live in another country,” Constance Zimmer says. “That’s what it should always be. That’s what makes it interesting and challenging, is the love-hate relationship that we all have with people in our lives who are sometimes mentors and sometimes not.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: Supergirl really needs to get renewed, because I need to know: What’s in the pod?!

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Additional reporting by Shirley Li and Lynette Rice.