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UPDATE: Carmike Cinemas has also announced a limited run of screenings of Purple Rain beginning Saturday and continuing through Thursday. The film will be shown in in approximately 80 theaters across 24 states. For more details and showtimes, go here.

EARLIER: In the wake of Prince’s death Thursday, AMC Theaters has announced it will bring Purple Rain back to theaters for a limited time. AMC will show the musical, which theatrically debuted in July 1984, at 87 of its locations throughout the United States from April 23 to April 28.

“The news of Prince’s sudden and unexpected passing is very difficult to process,” Purple Rain director Albert Magnoli wrote on his website Friday. “He was my creative partner and friend. We shared tremendous times together during and after the making of Purple Rain. … He was a good man, complicated and diligent, and like men of his caliber, he always demanded from himself and others the very best.”

“Like the Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night or Eminem in 8 Mile, Prince put his real self out there, consequences be damned,” EW’s Chris Nashawaty wrote yesterday of the star’s performance in the semi-autobiographical film. “And even if he didn’t come across as Hollywood’s next leading man, he delivered something just as honest and potent and raw: his soul.”

Head over to AMC Theaters’ website for information about participating theaters and showtimes.

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