'We are all incredibly lucky... to have been alive when Prince was making music'
Credit: CBS

News of Prince’s death on Thursday traveled fast, but not fast enough for some late-night hosts. James Corden had already finished filming his Thursday night episode with the Huntsman: Winter’s War cast before the reports out of Paisley Park were confirmed. Nevertheless, Corden managed to film a small tribute to the star for the beginning of the evening’s episode of The Late Late Show, where he remembered the joy of seeing Prince perform in London.

“I was lucky enough to see him live many times. I saw him in stadiums, and arenas, and quite a few smaller venues too,” Corden said. “Because whenever he’d play a big show in London, he’d announce from the stage that he was gonna play another show later on that night somewhere across town. It was so exciting, you’d rush across town and try to get in.”

Corden was clearly saddened by Prince’s death, but made sure to end his comments with a sense of positivity and gratitude.

“I will miss not being able to see him live again, but I will always cherish the fact that I got to be in his audience, just to be in his orbit for those few nights,” Corden said. “What a thing, to have been alive when Prince was making music. We are all incredibly lucky. We will miss you, Prince. You are truly one-of-a-kind.”

Watch the clip below.

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