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Cell phones these days are like daemons or Mother Boxes, acting more as extensions of their owner’s personality and aesthetic than just simple communication devices. James Corden put this to the test on Thursday’s Late Late Show. His producers took a cell phone belonging to a member of the Huntsman: Winter’s War cast, and Corden had to figure out whose it was, based on information from the phone as each cast member jockeyed to misdirect him.

The first clue: the last song played on the phone was “Firework” by Katy Perry. Charlize Theron tried to claim ownership of this one, but Corden tested her lyrical knowledge and came up short. Jessica Chastain seemed a little more familiar with the song, raising Corden’s suspicions.

The next clue was far more ridiculous: a picture of a naked man kneeling in a field next to a donkey. Or, as Corden put it, “This looks like the worst version of Shrek ever.” Hemsworth’s explanation was that he and his friend were coming back from a surf when they saw the donkey, and his friend immediately stripped and rushed to take a picture. This friend’s given name was Zucko the Body Pro, which didn’t quite convince Corden. Theron tried to say it was a traditional South African greeting, but Corden wasn’t buying any of it, even if she does have an Oscar.

The final clue was a text message: “get out of bed your getting fat (sic).”

“This is the kind of insensitive and cruel text that I get from John Krasinski, my husband,” Emily Blunt offered. “I replied, ‘I’m pregnant sweetheart, that’s mean, why would you say that to me?’ And then it got worse.”

Corden considered all of this information and made his final guess: Chastain. But it was, in fact, Hemsworth all along.

Watch the clip below.

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