From the Super Bowl to 'SNL' and beyond, a look back at the rock legend
Credit: FOX/Getty Images

Prince, who died Thursday at age 57, crossed into all genres of pop culture, including television. Here are some of his best moments on the small screen.

New Girl (2014)

Prince was an enigma in many ways. But he also was a really funny dude. Case in point: his much-hyped episode of New Girl which aired after the Super Bowl. Attending a party at his house, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) actually gets a little love tutorial from Prince. Also, he has a pet butterfly.

Saturday Night Live (2014)

Prince appeared twice previously on the venerable sketch comedy series, but it was his 2014 musical guest slot (the host was Chris Rock) that made history with his electric eight-minute performance. Most musical acts have to settle with two segments but Prince’s talent and stature merited an epic medley

Super Bowl XLI (2007)

It’s been called one of the greatest halftime performances of all time. And watching it again, it’s hard to not to get chills watching Prince perform a medley in an almost ludicrously intense rain storm. And yet he doesn’t miss a beat. Purple Rain becomes even more powerful.

The View (2010)

The singer surprised the hosts and the crowd by showing up live on air and presenting them with tickets to his show. “Oh my God — is that Prince?!” yells Whoopi Goldberg. Sherri Shepherd nearly faints and then Prince runs away when she announces she’s always wanted to “make love to him.”

The Grammys (2008)

One of the all-time best Grammy duets found Prince teaming with Beyonce for a killer medley of their songs. This is why wind machines were invented.

American Idol (2006)

The star showed up at the 2006 finale with very little fanfare and crushed it with two songs. If you can get Paula Abdul to stand up and dance, you know it’s a good time.

SNL 40th Anniversary Party (2016)

So he didn’t actually appear on this episode of The Tonight Show but Jimmy Fallon tells such an awesome story about Prince’s surprise appearance at the SNL 40th anniversary party that it’s worth watching.

The American Music Awards (2015)

Prince showed up to present the first award and, as always, his ensemble was funky, especially his third eye sunglasses. Prince presented The Weeknd with the Best Soul/R&B Album and, now with his passing, this moment has a tinge of sadness.

Muppets Tonight (2007)

He once again showed off his comedic side on this short-lived reboot of the franchise. This is worth watching if only to hear Prince adopt a Southern accent as a Hee-Haw-esque character name Jed and sing a song called “Raspberry Sorbet.”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions (2004)

Prince, along with a crew that included Tom Petty and Steve Winwood, perform a tribute to George Harrison, capped by a truly incredible guitar performance by Prince. Even when he doesn’t sing, he commands the stage.

The Arsenio Hall Show (1993)

Introduced by Arsenio and Patti Labelle, he does a killer version of “Purple Rain,” and yet another ridiculous guitar riff. You can kinda hear the crowd chanting and doing Arsenio’s trademark fist pump.