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Limp Bizkit

Wednesday was a big day at the Sunoco Station on Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio. The local gas station saw hundreds of people show up, but not to buy gas: for a secret Limp Bizkit show that never happened.

Rumors of an April 20 concert at the Dayton gas station began with a Facebook event that went viral. Although the event was actually scheduled for 2017, many of the 8,000 people who marked that they would attend misread or assumed the date to be 2016, and a portion of those attendees also failed to realize the event was fake.

Despite tweets from the band, posts from Dayton’s city government, and even a sign posted on the actual gas station door that refuted rumors that the Sunoco Station concert was real, hundreds of hopeful nu metal fans still showed up at the gas station expecting a Limp Bizkit show.

Unfortunately, these hopefuls had to find out about the hoax the hard way. After more than a hundred Limp Bizkit fans gathered outside of the Sunoco Station Wednesday night, the gas station had to close down and employees called the police to help evacuate the area, according to local news site whio.com.

Limp Bizkit
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