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Emilia Clarke talks about her return to speaking Dothraki for Game of Thrones season 6 and gives us some fun examples of using the fictional language, both on and off the show. Below is our chat with the Thrones star. At the start of the season, Daenerys Targaryen has been captured by a horde of the nomadic warriors after spending the last two seasons running Meereen, and she is taken to their stern khal (Joe Naufahu)…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So in season 6, you’re speaking Dothraki again.

EMILIA CLARKE : Yeah, it was hilarious. Dothraki is this weird thing as it goes into your brain for as long as you need it to and then [whisper noise] — it disappears, gone.

Because it’s not like you need it to get to the airport.

No! It’s gone! It’s not like Pidgin French where it’s like, “Oh, I do need it,” so it comes back. It was doing this scene with Joe Naufahu and the camera is on him. So my brain goes, “We don’t need Dothraki anymore because [the camera] isn’t on me, it’s not on my face, so you can just forget it.” But annoyingly, I still need to speak even though it’s his close-up. So I found myself making it up and the hilarity that ensued was ridiculous. I looked at him dead in the eye said: “All-la-tat-tat-tat-TAT-TAT!

And then he had to struggle to keep a straight face during his own close-up?

Yeah. Not fair.

What’s your favorite Dothraki word to say?

Qoy Qoyi — “blood of my blood.” Because you have to do this swallowing thing. In fact, that’s my impression of Dothraki — slightly choking on something. Heimlich maneuver!

Have you every actually found yourself getting angry in real life and swearing in High Valyrian or Dothraki?

Only one word — and it’s the golden card of Valyrian. Not Dothraki, because season 1 was too long ago. Sometimes there are particular moments in life when only one word will do. Some people get it and some people don’t, and that one word is: Dracarys [“dragonfire”]. You’re just like, Dracarys — and it makes you feel better and the other person has no idea what you’re doing. But in your mind, you’re setting them on fire. So there’s something beautiful about that. And with the swearing, when you’re trying to get into a scene and you’re forgetting your Dothraki, swearing does come into that. You just make your swearing sound like Dothraki.

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