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Future seasons of Arrested Development are yet to be determined, but Andy Cohen still had plenty of questions for Tony Hale about the show. Most of them revolved around Liza Minnelli, who played Buster Bluth’s girlfriend Lucille. Cohen fit as many questions about working with the iconic star as he could think of into a packed “Liza Mi-tell-i” segment.

First up, was she ever late to set? No, Hale said. He also never set foot in her trailer or heard her talk about ex-husband David Gest. But he did, much to Cohen’s delight, get stories about Minnelli’s famous mother Judy Garland.

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“She took my wife and I out to lunch and she told us stories of her mama that she loved,” Hale said. “I could listen to her stories all day long, and they weren’t coming from a place of ego. They were coming from a place of ‘listen to my life.'”

Hale even broke out a Minnelli impression when asked about what she wore to set. He noted her black stretch pants and then posed as luxuriously as she would in her chair. “She’d be like ‘I want a Diet Coke,’ and I’d be like, ‘I will get it for you!'” he said.

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