Credit: Netflix

The Do-Over, the upcoming Netflix original movie from Adam Sandler and David Spade, changes genres three times over the course of its new trailer.

It starts as a comedy about a middle-aged man named Charlie (Spade) with a dreary life that includes driving an old car and managing a bank inside a grocery store. Then Sandler shows up, and the movie becomes a party-driven buddy comedy in the vein of something like Grown-Ups. Sandler plays Max, Charlie’s former best friend who has now become an FBI agent. Charlie and Max easily reconnect and party like it’s high school all over again — drugs, threesomes, cruises. Max offers to give Charlie exactly what he wants: a chance at starting his life over. He does this by blowing up their boat and faking their deaths. Suddenly, The Do-Over becomes a comedic, action-heavy thriller.

The Do-Over hits Netflix May 29. Watch the trailer below.

The Do-Over
  • Movie
  • 108 minutes