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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.]

“Scot, Tai, and I, no matter what happens, us three are safe. And from here on out, we’re unstoppable.” —Jason

Only, you know, not so much. Jason and Scot thought they were unstoppable after joining up with Tai to accumulate two immunity idols (that could be combined to form a “Super Idol”) and an individual immunity necklace. But Tai stopped them in their tracks when he voted for Scot and then dramatically refused to hand over his idol to form the Super Idol that would have kept Scot safe, sending the former NBA player (as well as Jason’s immunity idol that he was holding) out of the game.

Had Tai handed over his idol — which would have made no sense since he already voted to eliminate Scot — Tai would have very likely been voted out himself on the re-vote between him and Aubry, since they were the next-highest vote-getters with two each.

It was a precipitous fall for Scot and Jason, who bragged all episode about how safe they were and how everyone better do exactly what they said or else. Last time they were outmaneuvered, the duo unleashed sabotage as revenge on the tribe. We’ll see how Jason proceeds next week after this latest setback without his partner in crime.

Earlier in the episode, the producers introduced a twist to the reward challenge in which each player had to decide whether he or she wanted to play for food, letters from loved ones, or a mystery advantage in the game — with the twist being that you would compete for that item against other people that already chose it, adding another layer of strategy to the decision.

Tai ended up winning the advantage, which turned out to be an extra vote at Tribal Council that can be used anytime up to there being five people left. But he did not need to use it tonight. Now he sits with both the advantage and an immunity idol. The only question is, does that make him too much of a target? (There is also the extra vote curse to consider: Both Dan in Worlds Apart and Stephen in Second Chance were eliminated the very night they used a second vote.)

My full recap will be up at midnight and you can follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss for more Survivor scoop. In the meantime, check out an exclusive deleted scene from last week’s episode above and hit the message boards to weigh in with your thoughts on all the Super Idol shenanigans.

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