8 highlights from comedy duo’s Reddit AMA

By Mahita Gajanan
April 20, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Ahead of the April 29 premiere of their new film Keanu, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele took to a Reddit AMA to answer questions about the movie and their work as a comedy duo on the sketch series Key & Peele, which ran on Comedy Central for five seasons, ending in 2015. 

In Keanu, the duo play a pair of friends who pose as drug dealers in an attempt to rescue a stolen cat. Their feline costar was a top of discussion, as was their favorite pizza toppings (ground beef, onions, and mushrooms for Key, and classic pepperoni for Peele), and how they both prefer herbivorous dinosaurs. Of particular interest, though, was their show that made them household names and Emmy nominees.

1. Favorite Key and Peele sketches

The comedians share their picks.


2. How Keanu came about

It was inspired by the funny juxtaposition of gangsters and cats.


3. What happened to the seven kittens who played Keanu?

They were adopted by the film’s crew members. Aww!


4. Arnold Schwartzenburgers is the shiznits

The duo has no problem becoming their characters from Key & Peele at a moment’s notice, answering one question as the valets, two action movie enthusiast car attendants from their sketch series.


5. The ‘DeNiro/Pacino of comedy’

Key and Peele were fans of each other’s work before they met.


6. Major influences

Key and Peele name their “comedic parents.”


7. Freezing in Fargo

Playing FBI agents on FX’s Fargo left the duo with chilly memories of Minnesota.


8. Why ‘Keanu’?

The cat’s name was an homage to the many movies they love.


Keanu opens in theaters on April 29.

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