By Lana, Maya & Zoe Soskin
April 20, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Hi Everyone!

My mom had to work late and couldn’t watch the show with us. She said my sister and I could review the show this week alone, since we did such a good job last week. Actually, my sister couldn’t stay awake, so I wrote a lot of this myself!

The moms are talking about how they never have a good pyramid. At the bottom this week was Jojo, but then Abby moved her up! Jojo got a hip hop solo. Brynn got a hip hop solo too. Mackenzie got a gymnastics solo, but the moms said that she should have a hip hop solo also. Abby got mad and stormed away. Melissa and the moms start talking about Mackenzie and why she doesn’t have a hip hop solo. Abby won’t agree to letting her have one, even though Melissa was complaining. Melissa gets up, goes to Abby’s office and says “I need to talk to you for a second” and Abby slams the door in her face!

The next day Abby is in her office and not coming out. The moms think she is mad and she is! Abby gets in a fight with all the moms and walks out of the studio and drives away!!! It was so funny! They didn’t finish practicing the group dance — again! Jojo, Mackenzie and Brynn are competing against each other. We found out that Mackenzie got the hip hop solo. Ashlee said that the other moms don’t support Abby and Jill got mad! She cursed at her — again! When Mackenzie was practicing she forgot her dance and she got really upset. Abby came back! She had curlers in her hair — like sloppy Abby. She did not see any of the dances. Then they went over the group dance for Abby and she said it was “so bad.” Then she left.

It’s the day of the competition and Abby walks in with a glittery pink hat on — like a hip hop lady — saying “Moms better have my money! Moms better have my money!” Jill starts biting her nails and says, “What money? I don’t have her money.”

Abby is also wearing a hip hop outfit and yellow glitter high top shoes and says, “It’s hip hop week.”

When the moms are getting the girls dressed for their solos, Jessalyn says in her interview, that Brynn is starting to dress like Jojo. Uh oh.

Jojo goes first and does great! Brynn goes next and is okay. Mackenzie goes last and was amazing! The moms are saying that Brynn is trying to be the new Jojo and they made Ashlee cry — again! Then the moms talk to Abby about it and she does not help at all.

The girls perform the group dance and they did really good! Jill said it was her favorite group dance that they’ve ever done. Jojo got 5th place. Yikes! Brynn got 4th. Mackenzie got 1st! (In your face Abby!) The group won 1st! Yay!

Holly said the losing streak is over. At the end, the moms were in the dressing room by themselves and they get into a big fight with Ashlee — again!

I hope you all like Dance Moms as much as I do — it wasn’t they same without my mom — but I still like watching it. Thank you!

By Maya and Zoe Soskin (but not really Zoe).

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