By Dan Snierson
Updated April 20, 2016 at 11:55 AM EDT

Crackle is cranking up its original programming, and a new drama titled StartUp wants to show you the dirty money. Starring Martin Freeman and Adam Brody, the moody Miami-set 10-episode series follows the action around a potentially revolutionary, polarizing idea for an unregulated digital currency that gets “incubated on the wrong side of the tracks,” which involves illegal funding, a Haitian gang, and the FBI.

Dedicated FBI agent Phil Rask (Freeman) is described as a law enforcement official who “wields the power to make or break those he comes in contact with—and not always for the right reasons.” One of those people is Nick Talman (Brody), a shrewd financier working for at a boutique company in Miami. His wealthy father, who has committed acts afoul of the law and since gone off the grid — is of high interest to Rask. Nick’s father wanted him to hide some of his illegal gains, which he does in the digital currency startup run by big-thinking Izzy Morales (Otmara Marrero). Meanwhile, a local Haitian gang leader named Ronald Dacey (Edi Gathegi) gave some money to Nick’s MIA dad, so he’s taken a keen interest in Nick.

“You gotta ask yourself one question,” Rask says in the first trailer for the show. “What does a banker from Brooklyn, a hacker from Hialeah, and a thug from Little Haiti have in common?” See for yourself in this preview of StartUp, which will start up sometime this fall.