By Christian Holub
April 19, 2016 at 01:49 PM EDT

After months of legal drama caused by illegally bringing their two dogs into Australia with them, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard released an apology video on Monday, in which they repented their actions and talked up the importance of Australian biosecurity. The video was a gift for late-night hosts, a mix of celebrity and absurdity so ridiculous they couldn’t resist taking cracks at it. Stephen Colbert, for one, laughed that Depp and Heard sound like they recorded the video with kangaroos pointing guns at their heads, and then made his own parody video. 

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The Depp-ish version of Colbert had much to apologize for; he didn’t just bring a few dogs into Australia with him, but also a “colony of parakeets whom I rightfully call The Funky Bunch” and “two 500-pound feral hogs, Niles and Frasier.” To make up for it, and to honor Australia’s “proud island of exiled British degenerates,” Colbert-Depp played his own version of the country’s national anthem on the didgeridoo, adding the key lyric, “Just smile and give me a vegemite sandwich.”

Watch the clip below.


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