Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?

The first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may have ended Monday, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the wacky world of Rachel Bloom’s original music videos. As fans of Bloom know, she’s been making comedic music videos like the ones you see on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for years before getting her own show. Take a look at some of her catchiest and funniest music videos from her early days on the Internet.

“F— Me, Ray Bradbury

Bloom’s very first music video is also one of her most viral, boasting over 3 million views. Recorded in honor of sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury’s 90th birthday in 2010, Bloom parodies Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” schoolgirl outfit as she turns references to Bradbury’s prolific oeuvre into sexual come-ons.

“I Steal Pets

Many of Bloom’s songs draw their humor from obsession — it’s the “crazy” in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — but she’s never raised that bar higher than in “I Steal Pets.” The song about a bullied middle schooler whose only friends are the pets that she steals from her more popular classmates continues to build on its unsettling theme with an eerie= cheeriness, finally delivering the dark big reveal as a throwaway sidenote: “My parents both are dead.” It’s Bloom simultaneously at her goofiest and darkest.

“Jazz Fever”

Bloom experiments with genre very often, as evidenced by the various styles of music she performs on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. For “Jazz Fever,” Bloom adopts the twang of a 1920s jazz singer as she laments the debilitating illness she’s developed from “too much jazz.” With the help of guest star Seth Green, it’s clear Bloom’s character is actually suffering from syphilis.

“You Can Touch My Boobies

Another theme Bloom explores often is deconstructing what society tells us is sexy. As in her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song “Heavy Boobs,” Bloom uses “You Can Touch My Boobies” to turn what would normally be a sexualized pop song into a weird, more biological joke. Bloom sings from the point of view of a prepubescent Jewish boy having a sexual fantasy that is stifled by his very limited knowledge of a woman’s body: “I’ll show you my vagina, which is located on my stomach somewhere.”

“Chanukah Honey

Bloom’s Jewish upbringing has also influenced a lot of her humor — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans have already heard “J.A.P. Battle” — and her most obvious take on Judaism was her spoof on “Santa Baby.” In “Chanukah Honey,” Bloom lists hyper-specific characteristics of Jewish people in a sensual breathiness, including lines about parents with mutual friends, asking about kids early in a relationship, and even being the beatboxer in a college a cappella group.

“Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song

Not everything in those Disney princess movies is all magic and enchantment. In a rare animated video, Bloom voices a lovelorn princess singing about finding her prince, along with recounting the horrific living conditions of her village at the time. Between cartfuls of corpses, a statue of Jesus covered in dismembered hands, and a blacksmith marrying and impregnating his own daughter, it’s definitely not the Disney number you’re used to seeing.

If you loved these videos and are still hungry for more, Bloom has several other music videos from before Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on her YouTube channel.

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