By Christian Holub
April 19, 2016 at 01:04 PM EDT

Monday’s episode of The Late Show — Stephen Colbert’s first with new showrunner Chris Licht — made no bones about getting into food talk. Ahead of Tuesday’s New York primary, Colbert met up with Hillary Clinton at the world-famous Carnegie Deli. Naturally, the first thing the host did was drop a Bill Clinton impression.

“He’s not a smug vegan?” Colbert asked of the former president. “He never says, like, ‘That sandwich had a face. That sandwich is somebody’s little baby,’ nothing like that?”

Clinton insisted that no, her husband is “a very open-minded vegan.” The discussion remained fairly food-focused throughout. Colbert asked about the worst thing Clinton has eaten on the campaign trail, which then turned into an impassioned defense of Iowa’s fair food. Soon enough, Colbert brought the discussion back around to Clinton’s husband, wondering if the vegan would serve his grandchildren anything other than kale chips.

“How’s my impression, by the way?” Colbert asked. “Is it spooky? If you close your eyes, you don’t know, maybe he’s here?”

“It’s really good, actually” Clinton admitted.

Watch the clip below.

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