Five years after Casey and Cappie graduated on the ABC Family (now named Freeform) cult hit Greek, the Cyprus-Rhodes alums may be heading back to campus for a TV movie. The show’s creator, Patrick Sean Smith, schools us on the status of the recently announced Freeform special currently in development, and what his super-busy stars (including Limitless lead Jake McDorman and Blood & Oil‘s Scott Michael Foster) have said about reuniting on screen.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How long have you been thinking about doing a reunion?

PATRICK SEAN SMITH: I was really proud of the closure the finale had, and when we started talking about doing [a reunion] a few years ago, I didn’t see the point in doing it. I didn’t want to do it just to do it. But I then took the time to consider what would be a story that would be worth telling… and it’s really to see where they are today and what relationships withstood the test of time.

Why now?

It is five years from the last season of the show, and in that fourth season, we saw Casey (Spencer Grammer) and Ashleigh (Amber Stevens West) and Evan (McDorman) graduate, so the TV movie is picking up, in part, five years from their graduation.

And it will be holiday-themed?

We’re still figuring out how to tie that holiday element to a class reunion. Romy and Michele, for me, is the quintessential class reunion movie of all time, so [we’re] trying to do the event justice but then also find something that will tie in to the time of year Freeform is considering premiering the movie.

What has the cast said about coming back?

I think everybody was surprised by [Freeform’s] announcement because, at this point, it still is only in development. I hadn’t told anybody because I didn’t want anybody to get too excited until it was a little bit further down the field, but since it was announced, I’ve talked to all the cast and they’re all super excited. It’s a fingers-crossed situation.

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What will it take to go from “in development” to “greenlit”?

Hopefully a really, really good script. … I’m working on it right now. I think that [Freeform’s] definitely excited about it, and they see how excited people are about these characters and that show so hopefully it will get going.

Have you ever considered a reboot with an entirely new class coming into Cyprus-Rhodes?

It’s certainly something that’s been discussed.… It feels like a world that still could continue to live on with new characters. That’s just up to Freeform if they want to do that.

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