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A new time-travel drama is in Netflix’s future.

The streaming service has picked up the upcoming series Travelers, which stars Eric McCormack as an FBI agent from the future sent back to the modern day to prevent disaster. The show will air on the TV channel Showcase in its native Canada and will be available to stream on Netflix everywhere else.

Travelers is about a group of people from hundreds of years in the future who have discovered a way to send their consciousnesses back into people of the 21st century. These “travelers” are among the last remaining humans of their time, and must work together in the past to prevent humanity’s terrible future.

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FBI agent Grant MacLaren (McCormack) leads the team of mismatched people, made up of intellectually disabled Marcy (MacKenzie Porter), her caretaker David Patrick Gilmore), high school quarterback Trevor (Jared Abrahamson), struggling single mom Carly (Nesta Cooper), and young heroin addict Philip (Reilly Dolman).

The series is the latest from sci-fi writer and producer Brad Wright, the driving force behind Stargate SG-1 and various Stargate iterations afterwards. Netflix’s pickup of Travelers follows a recent trend in TV series that contain time travel as a central element.

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