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Holt is in danger. Santiago is in prison. Peralta is in agony, waiting for his Captain to pick up his phone. And you? You’re in suspense, wondering what the Holt might happen in the season 3 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Well, suspense no more, because Brooklyn co-creator Dan Goor has arrived with back-up in the form of 15 hints about these last 30 minutes of the season, which he calls “the stakesiest episode we’ve ever done.” The finale features another appearance by FBI agent/robotic Holt clone Bob Anderson (guest star Dennis Haysbert), who, as you now know, is in cahoots with Pimento hitman Jimmy “the Butcher and the Guy Who Almost Took Out Pimento” Figgis, which makes him a bad, bad guy who’s not at all like Holt. And given that last week’s episode left off with Bob holding Holt at gunpoint, this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine could wind up being called “Brooklyn 911.” But it’s not. It’s titled “Greg and Larry.” Let’s hand the megaphone to Captain Goor and see what he has to say about the season 3 finale, which airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

1. “This episode picks up where it left off, with Holt’s former colleague Bob pointing a gun at his face and saying, ‘Now I have to kill you.'”

2. “A crappy candy bar that Jake purchased ends up playing a major role in the plot.”

3. “Charles [Joe Lo Truglio] uses the movie 27 Dresses as a lie-detector test.”

4. “Terry [Terry Crews] solves a riddle that takes Jake two hours in 15 seconds.”

5. “There’s a very tender moment for the squad, and naturally ‘Funky Cold Medina’ plays a critical role in it.”

6. “One of the Nine-Nine’s mysteries is solved: What the inside of Rosa’s [Stephanie Beatriz] apartment looks like. It’s even more intense than you expected.”

7. “Holt’s love of bird-watching nearly kills him.”

8. “A slingshot, straightjacket, and bedpan are critical to the episode.”

9. “There’s an important relationship breakthrough with Jake and Amy [Melissa Fumero], which Charles almost manages to ruin.”

10. “Scully [Joel McKinnon Miller] realizes why he became a detective in the first place. As for Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker), his toddler-like insistence on putting anything and everything in his mouth turns out to be the best police work he’s ever done.”

11. “Gina [Chelsea Peretti] almost misses Wimbledon, and Jake almost ruins jazz.”

12. “This episode has the potential for death, it has the promise of the team coming together, and it ends in our typical finale fashion: There’s a cliffhanger ending, and it suggests that next season will not start like any of the past seasons.”

13. “There’s more danger that lurks ahead for Holt and Jake … and next season promises to be muy caliente.”

14. “We see young Captain Holt playing doctor, although that may sound more sexual than it’s meant to.”

15. “And at long last, we learn three of his favorite rice varietals. Some would say it’s all been building to this.”

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