Andrew Kreisberg: 'You're just going to see a more confident, stronger Supergirl' in season 2

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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season 1 finale of Supergirl. Read at your own risk!

Supergirl lost nearly every connection to Krypton over the course of the first season, but she may have found a new one with the arrival of a mysterious pod during Monday’s Supergirl finale.

After facing off against her mind-controlled sister Alex (Chyler Leigh), and freeing National City’s residents from Myriad with a rousing and hopeful speech, Kara (Melissa Benoist) went up against Non (Chris Vance) and Indigo (Laura Vandervoort) with the help of Hank (David Harewood). To prevent the villains from killing every human on Earth, Kara needed to fly Fort Rozz into space, which was effectively a suicide mission, forcing her to bid farewell to her friends and family. But an eleventh hour save from Alex in Kara’s Kryptonian space pod provided a happy ending for all — until an identical pod arrived. Who’s in the pod?! EW caught up with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg to find out what’s next:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start off with the reveal that someone else has landed on Earth. What can you tease of who this is? Are they friend or foe?

ANDREW KREISBERG: Obviously it’s our big cliffhanger of the season, so I’m not fully inclined to let everyone know who shot J.R. It’s an important character, and they’ll play an important role in season 2.

Is this a character we may have seen in the comics before?

Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but it’ll be cool. The fans are going to be excited. It’s going to definitely shake things up for season 2.

Especially with something like Project Cadmus in the ether, the first person I think of is Superboy.


Moving on, Kara was willing to risk her life for the world. How does that change her in season 2?

This whole season has been about her embracing being Supergirl. In a way, this was her graduation episode. She hadn’t fully figured out how to integrate being Supergirl into her life. This whole season has been a learning experience for her. At the end of this episode, she’s fully Supergirl. Next season, you’re going to see a Supergirl who is more mature, and a bit more of a cohesive character. She’s taken the identity of Kara and the identity of Supergirl and merged them in a better way. You’re just going to see a more confident, stronger Supergirl than we’ve ever seen before.

Is it safe to say the world is now on her side?

Oh yeah. You don’t save the world without dispelling all doubters.

Even though Kara said it was better for her and James (Mehcad Brooks) not to be together, they did kiss at the end of the finale. Do you see them actually trying a relationship in season 2?

Yeah, I think so. We wanted Kara to have a happy ending. She got everything she wanted. She had her family together — she had her sister and her adoptive mother (Helen Slater), Winn (Jeremy Jordan), J’onn, and she got the guy, too. When she was telling James to move on, that was her clumsy attempt at saying goodbye to everybody. Once she saved the day and lived to tell the tale, those concerns were alleviated.

Kara told Alex to go out there and live her life for herself, not just for Kara. Do you think that changes her mindset at all going into season 2?

Yeah, I think everybody’s mindsets have been changed. We haven’t gotten to see much of Alex’s external life beyond the DEO or beyond her joining Kara’s crusade. One of the things we’re excited to explore in season 2 is getting to know Alex a little more outside of work and outside of the uniform — getting to see her as more of a fully fledged human being.

General Lane (Glenn Morshower) gave Max (Peter Facinelli) the Omegahedron. They seem to be in cahoots there. Can you tease what’s really going on here?

I always love the idea of just when you think Max is good, he does something shifty. He always has his own agenda, and you’re never quite sure where you stand with him. We just loved the idea of Max seemingly completely joining the good side of the force, being Team Supergirl and helping to save the day, but oh yeah, wait a minute, there’s still something in it for him, so we’ll see where that leads us.

Was the respect between Kara and Max real or was he only working toward his own endgame?

Like I said, we’ve just started talking about season 2 and what it all means. For right now, it was just a reminder that you can’t ever fully trust Maxwell Lord. That’s as much as we delved into that storyline.

You previously teased that Project Cadmus will come up in season 2. Will that mission be a big focus?

It’ll be one aspect of it. We’ve been discussing the big bad of season 2; Cadmus may or may not be related to that. The hunt for Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) will definitely be part of season 2.

Cat (Calista Flockhart) has finally given Kara the respect she deserves. How does that change their dynamic?

This year there were a lot of arguments about how to catch a boy and cupcakes. Next year, as Kara moves up in the professional world, their relationship will still be mentor and mentee, but their conversations, their arguments, their confrontations will be about more adult things; deeper, richer, professional conversations about the jobs that they’re doing. That’ll create a new and interesting dynamic between the two of them.

Kara gets to decide her next job within the company. Do you see her following in the footsteps of her cousin and being a writer?

We’re having initial conversations now about the trajectory of season 2, and we’re exploring all sorts of career paths for Kara.

The assistant position is now vacant. Do you have someone specific in mind to fill Kara’s shoes there or do you look at that role as a chance to have a revolving door of fun people who never live up to Cat’s standards?

I kind of like the latter. It harkens back to Murphy Brown having a different assistant in every episode. Kara is going to be a very difficult act to follow, and that’s some of the fun we’re having as we’re discussing season 2 now.

Some of these jokes with Cat have been amazing, especially the Harrison Ford one. How much is Calista playing a role in the creation of that?

Jessica Queller, who is one of our writers and is actually a close friend of Calista’s, wrote the Harrison Ford joke. It was Calista who added the, “especially not if they’re married,” so it’s very organic. Working with Calista is a dream come true. She is so intelligent and so creative and so collaborative. We’ve all had a hand, including Calista, in creating the Cat Grant persona. Her note is always to make her smarter and make her meaner. We’re always happy to oblige.

Hank is back as director of the DEO. How does an alien being in charge change their MO moving forward?

Part of season 2 will be Hank embracing his Martian Manhunter-ness more, and people getting used to the fact that there is an alien amongst them and he is to be trusted.

Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum) ended up being a fascinating character once she was no longer a foil for Kara and James. Will she be back next season?

We hope so. I don’t have the answers to any of these questions!

Even though Fort Rozz is gone, are the prisoners who were once inside it still an ever-present threat?

I think so.

What can you say of the fates of Non and Brainiac?

If you’re a fan of the comic books, you know that Kara’s heat vision took away Non’s — lobotomized Non. How and when we see him again, he’ll probably be very different. I think Indigo is probably the hardest person in the world to kill given that she’s a living computer, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up again.

What would you say was your point of pride for the first season?

I’m so proud of the show. As much expectation there was for the show, there was also a lot of like, “Yeah, prove it!” [Laughs.] I think the show really works. Melissa is a star. Like any first season show, there were missteps and not every episode was as strong as the others, but I can point to a whole bunch of episodes, like “Red Faced,” like “Human for a Day,” like the crossover, like “Falling” as being some of my favorite episodes that I’ve gotten to do over the course of all the series that Greg [Berlanti] and I work on together. I’m just super proud of the show. We’ve proven that there’s an audience for a female superhero. Hopefully there will be many more years to come.

What surprised you in planning as you got to know not just Kara more, but also the other characters?

It was both a surprise and not a surprise: The depth and complexity of Melissa’s performance was both a constant source of wonderment and, “Of course she can do that, because she’s Melissa Benoist.” Any dailies I watched were a million times better than what was on the page, because Melissa and this amazing cast acted it out. That was always a surprise. I think how emotional the show got — that’s always the goal, but how much these characters came to care about each other, and in turn, how much the audience cared about them. The audience was incredibly invested in the Kara and Cat relationship, and the Kara and Alex relationship, and certainly J’onn and Alex, and J’onn and Kara. Watching those relationships grow over the course of the year — especially J’onn’s relationship, because we were playing a card down that he was the Martian Manhunter, and you were meant to feel like he was a potential threat, then to go from a source of mystery to actually to the heart of the show was a tricky gambit to pull off, but I think we did.

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A decision on Supergirl‘s future is expected by May.

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