His dance with Sharna Burgess was worthy of a perfect score, though
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Was Nyle DiMarco robbed?

On Monday’s installment of Dancing with the Stars, three of the judges appeared to give the deaf America’s Next Top Model champion three 10s and one 9. But after the break, host Tom Bergeron said DiMarco only earned a 37, not a 39.

What happened?

Ah, the rules happened: Bergeron explained to the audience that the judges must turn in their written scores to a producer before flashing their paddles. So even though it appeared that Bruno Tonioli and guest judge Maksim Chermkovskiy changed their minds and held up the 10 paddles for DiMarco, they wrote down 9s for the producer, so those are considered final.

It certainly appeared like Chermkovskiy changed his mind, since he’s seen on camera giving Bergeron a thumbs-down. DiMarco certainly thinks the judges had a change of heart.

“Honestly I think what probably happened is that’s what they really wanted to give me but I’m not sure how to describe it,” he told EW after the show. “Subconsciously they wanted to give me those 10s. Who knows? It’s still better for me next week.”

DiMarco said that Sharna Burgess had a different way of teaching him how to dance. While his regular partner Peta Murgatroyd likes to split up the dance in parts, Sharna just “teaches me everything” at once. “She’s a great listener,” he added.

Check out their Viennese waltz above.

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