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Everybody Loves Raymond ran 210 episodes over nine seasons on CBS. Picking out a single favorite installment might have been a difficult, but the show’s leads — including the late Doris Roberts, who died Sunday — did so for EW in 2005.

Ahead of the series finale, Roberts named “Lucky Suit” (season 6, episode 16) — an episode that deviated from the usual beats — as her favorite. The episode focused on the relationship between her character, Marie, and her eldest son, Robert (Brad Garrett). He tries to get a job at the FBI, and she goes out of her way to sabotage his efforts.

“I burn his favorite jacket. I fax the FBI a whole history, about how they shouldn’t give him the job,” Roberts told EW.

A very tense exchange between the two follows, in which Robert tells Marie he doesn’t want her to meddle anymore, and she finally admits her true feelings.

“There’s a lovely scene between myself and Robert where I say I can’t take another day of worrying about him on the streets getting killed,” Roberts added. “It’s really sweet, wonderful, and real.”

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