How committed was Ed Skrein to making sure Deadpool was as authentic as possible? So committed that he let one of Ryan Reynolds’ stuntmen jam a finger into his mouth.

As Skrein recalled during the latest edition of Greatest Story Ever Told, the digit incident happened during the end of a long day of shooting on the climatic fight scene.

“Adrian Hein, who was one of Ryan Reynolds’ doubles, had me in an arm lock,” Skrein said. “He said, ‘Dude, I’m going to put my finger in your mouth.'”

Skrein wasn’t sure what Hein meant at first, but after the stunt double explained how he wanted to rip at Skrein’s cheek, the actor said, “Eff it, just do it.”

“It was disgusting,” Skrein said, noting how Hein’s hands were not altogether clean. But despite the grossness, Skrein’s happy the way things turned out. “We did it once, and it made the movie,” he said, before adding, “Adrian, if you’re watching, I’m never going to let you put your finger in my mouth ever again.”

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