By Dan Snierson
April 18, 2016 at 07:26 PM EDT
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Unless you’ve had some kind of head injury, you are well aware that the season 2 finale of Better Call Saul arrives Monday night.

AMC’s Emmy-nominated Breaking Bad prequel has been humming along in recent weeks, as Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) both broke free of their corporate law shackles and started their own practice(s). Furthermore, Jimmy provided a helping if illegal hand to his girlfriend when she landed the Mesa Verde Bank account — she only found out about his misdeeds after the fact — while his brother, Chuck (Michael McKean) came this close to figuring out that Jimmy sabotaged him by altering some key Mesa Verde documents. However, things went awry at the scene of the crime — an all-night photocopy store — with Chuck unsuccessfully pressuring the Jimmy-bribed employee to come clean, and then, overwhelmed by the electricity around him, hitting his head hard on a counter and falling unconscious. Across the street was Jimmy, spying on the scene anxiously. Oh, and speaking of bribes and spying, Mike (Jonathan Banks) has become rather obsessed with Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) after Tio paid Mike to lie about his altercation with Tuco (Raymond Cruz), gathering intel on the Salamanca drug-running operation and, yes, attacking it.

So, what kind of illicit action can you expect from “Klick,” which airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC? Odenkirk promises an episode in which “the gloves are being thrown to the wind. The gloves are off.” As he tells EW, “The audience has been dialed into such a sensitive place, plot-wise, that it is a cliffhanger episode and it’s filled with shock and surprise. And yet it feels to me like we’re very much in the middle of the story. There’s no cappers put on anything. It’s the end of season 2, not 5… I only regret that it’s going to take so long for everyone to see the continuation of these exciting moments.”

Asked about Mike’s moves in the finale, Odenkirk says cryptically, “Mike got lucky. Hard to believe that Mike needed to get lucky, but he did. It’s hard to believe that Mike almost made a big mistake.”

And what can Odenkirk spill about the ever-intensifying Jimmy-Chuck chess game? “Jimmy seems to be tired of playing it,” he says. “Jimmy’s first priority is to make sure that Chuck is okay. He never meant to put his brother’s life in danger, that’s for sure. But I think he underestimated how important it was to Chuck that Chuck be right. I think he underestimated how important it was to Chuck to just be the smartest guy in the room. I mean, it’s practically life and death for Chuck that he be the smartest guy in the room, and that no one take that away from him, ever, not even an ounce of it. He knows his brother pretty goddamn well and he knows his brother’s a stickler for detail, and he prides himself on it, but I don’t know if he realizes that his brother’s lifeline almost is his belief in himself as a paragon of legal excellence. Chuck believes there should be a statue of him outside the Supreme Court. Just get his face on the logo of the American Bar Association, that’s all he’s asking for when he dies.”

The first order of business might be to get the guy some medical assistance, stat, before things really “Klick” in Monday night.

Saul Goodman, first introduced in Breaking Bad, gets his own Vince Gilligan prequel.
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