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J.J. Abrams is just now catching up on TV, but he has an excuse. “The last three years of working on the Star Wars movie kind of took me out of contention for what’s going on,” he told Chris Rock during their recent Tribeca Talks session at the Tribeca Film Festival, adding, “I’m the guy who’s like, ‘Have you heard of this Game of Thrones?!'”

Now that he has down time to sit and watch TV, the Force Awakens helmer is getting into Transparent and Togetherness.

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Speaking to the former, Abrams remarked, “I think it is just an incredible show and there’s a specific tone and cast, and I think Jeffrey Tambor, they’re all amazing I think in the show.” He continued, “I’ve loved Togetherness. The Duplass brothers, by the way, are involved in both those shows in some way, and they’re amazing.”

Watch the clip from the discussion in the video above.

Elsewhere, Abrams addressed the mystery of Rey’s parents in the new Star Wars saga; his past obsession with lens flares; his previous TV projects Lost, Felicity, and Alias; and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“What the f— was that?” Rock exclaimed over the DC film before asking Abrams to direct a Fantastic Four movie. “Can someone save it? I love the Fantastic Four and they keep f—ing it up!”

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